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A BMW M3 is hiden into a retro car

12/03/2015 16:35:00
Russian company Bilenkin wants to bypass those problems by creating old-school metal using new-school underpinnings..

People think you’re rich when you have thirty cars. But there are a few other things that can make you much richer, it is to have an old restored vehicle. If you want a classic car, it's pretty easy to pick one up, but there are many undesirable elements involved in owning a piece of automotive history. It won't crash very well, it's probably got some rust, and trying to retrofit modern creature comforts can be difficult at best. Russian company Bilenkin wants to bypass those problems by creating old-school metal using new-school underpinnings, and the Vintage is the realization of that dream. The coupe's shape takes inspiration from vehicles of the Communist era, but this bespoke machine's design gets even crazier on the inside. 

See the picture attentive! Do you see there a BMW
No? It is because the stylists do a masterful job of hiding the BMW M3 donor at the front, and the two big headlights and low-mounted, chrome bumper seem to take inspiration from old Volgas. In a fantastic touch, lengths of chrome also run through the door handles down the side to accentuate the rear. The back might be the styling's best angle because of the way the fins step down over two tiers to create the taillights. The company utilizes leather, stainless steel, gemstones and other high-end materials to create a fresh take on old-school style. 
So now it make sense that this vintage car debuted at the Dubai Motor Show last month.



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